Renovation and ecologization of the Heating Plant in Planá nad Lužnicí

The heating plant in Planá n026ad Lužnicí has implemented a number of projects have since 2012. All of them are intended to ensure more efficient, more ecological and economical production of heat and electricity.

Completed projects are described in Implemented projects.

As a result of all the projects C-Energy Planá is able to provide heat supplies to its current as well as potential new customers at clearly defined and stable prices while producing a significantly lower amount of air pollution.    

C-Energy Planá did not stop its development plans by the replacement of all the production equipment in the plant and the renovation of heat and water supply pipelines. The company currently addresses the possibility of black start and operation in island mode. The island mode makes it possible to produce energy and operate a certain part of the distribution network independently of the transmission grid of the Czech Republic. The black start makes it possible to restart the production equipment and produce and supply power and steam to customers after a blackout. After these projects are completed, C-Energy will be able to supply electricity for example to customers within the local distribution network operated by the plant, or in future, if C-Energy successfully implements a broader project with E.ON Distribuce, a.s., also the whole Tábor region. C-Energy Planá also considers further development of the local distribution network and possibilities of utilization of the modern technology of accumulation of electricity in batteries.

The company also plans to refurbish its interiors including offices and the control center and to repair and insulate the office building and the former locomotive shelter. The locomotive shelter will be turned into a new guard house, warehouse, store keeper´s office and workshop. A new access path to the plant directly from Průmyslová Street is under construction. The original guard house will be used for access of trucks.

The below indentified projects implemented in the process of renovation of the heating plant in Planá nad Lužnicí were co- funded from the  European Union - Cohesion Fund within the Operational Programme "Environment".

Ecologization and renovation of the heating plant in Planá nad Lužnicí
Renovation of the heat distribution system of the plant in Planá nad Lužnicí
Reduction of dust nuisance in the heating plant in Planá nad Lužnicí